What is NIOS-(एनआईओएस बोर्ड क्या होता है)
What is NIOS एनआईओएस बोर्ड क्या होता है

What is NIOS-(एनआईओएस बोर्ड क्या होता है)

What is NIOS-(एनआईओएस बोर्ड क्या होता है)

In this article I will explain you about what is the NIOS board and what is its value.

The NIOS Stands for the National Institute of Open School, or NIOS Board was established in 1989. With the help of this Board, you can get your 10th or 12th (open intermediate) education without going to school or college.

The purpose of making this Board is only this. It is said that the children who cannot get an education from CBSE board or any other board by spending more money, those children can get knowledge from the NIOS board.

NIOS board gives you complete relaxation, and then talk that after studying from the NIOS board you will later whether there can be a problem or not, the answer is that there is absolutely no.

If you study from the national institute of open schooling board, then you do not need to take tension at all.

There are millions of people in India who study from the National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) board.

However there are many open schooling boards available in India, Let’s keep in mind that the open board from which you are getting an education should be recognized by the government as well as the recognized by the other open boards.

So after studying this you do not have any problem in any way. After doing 10th or 12th from NIOS board, you are eligible or can apply for preparing for any competitive exams.

At the same time, you can take admission in any course in which you can take admission after passing the 10th of CBSE board.

Is 6, 7, 8,9th Class Fail Students can Join 10th Class?

The answer is yes, you can take admission even you fail in 6, 7, 8, 9th class from any board, but you have to complete 14 years of age.

If 10th Pass 11th Fail Students can get admission in 12th (Open Inter / Inter One Sitting)?

Yes, if you passed 10th but could not completed 11th or even you have not appeared 11th also you can get admission direct 12th class in National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) Board.

But 1 year gap after passing 10th class is compulsory.

This is the only open institute in the world that has equal rights to all the boards and at the same time it gives admission to the 9th fail student in the Direct 10th class and 11th class Failed Student the Open Intermediate (12th) class Directly.

each state in India has its own separate open boards like TOSS, BBOSE Patna, which has equal rights as compared to other boards, so you should not have any hesitation in getting an education from the NIOS board.

NIOS vs CBSE Board?

Let’s know which board the NIOS board or CBSE board will be better for you, if you want to study by Regular by going Daily Classes, then I would advise you that you should choose CBSE board.

If you don’t have time or economically poor or if you cannot attend regular college or school for some reason then I advice you to get admission in the National Institute of Open School (NIOS) New Delhi.

Are NIOS 10th / 12th Certificate Valid for Higher Studies?

Many Students or Parents think that if I study from the NIOS board, then I should study further or we have to face a lot of problems?

Then let me tell those students to have doubt that the NIOS board is a government recognized board like the government has recognized the CBSC board or other board, similarly the government has also spontaneously recognized the NIOS board of India.

There no institute or university that refuses to take the NIOS board. You can join in any course such as B.Tech or BA / B.Com / BBA / B.Sc. / BAMS Etc.,

Even you can appear NEET Examination for Studying BAMS / MBBS / BDS Etc., Courses.

It means that after 12th (Open Inter) you can take admission in any institute in any university of India.

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